Sunday, March 29, 2009

Topsy Turvy Tea Party Cake

Here is the one I just did for my daughter's 5-year-old party. I think I have finally learned the secret to these cakes. I have been cutting the angles too steep; so when you get it together it just doesn't look right. Better luck next time! I actually went through 3 cakes for the middle tier before I got it right. So my kids had cake for breakfast two days in a row. Whatcha gonna do?


Amber said...

It turned out so cute! I can't wait to hear all about the tea party birthday party. I want cake for breakfast yum! Actually, I want cake anytime...lucky kids!

Becky said...

I wanted to ask you how it turned out, so I'm glad you posted pictures! Looks way yummy...I hope the girls all enjoyed it!

KickButtMommy said...

That's so amazing!